Genealogy Cornelis in `t Velt (later Boot)

(Zuid-Holland - Alphen)

Index  Vlag_Nederland

By missing birthdates and/or baptismdates the order of children could be alphabetical.



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  • All data of births, marriages and deaths in the period BS come from (formerly Genlias).
  • For other sources, clik here.

With additions and pictures received from:

  • Frouwkje van der Maten;
  • Joop Hart;
  • Maarten van Bruinessen;
  • Jaap Boot;
  • Lamie Henrotte-Arends;
  • Leen Louwerse;
  • Hendrik Boot;
  • Fred Boot;
  • Warner Veltman;
  • Jan Burgers;
  • Myrna van Egmond-Boot;
  • Philip Dirk Boot;
  • Frits Vergouwen.

For pictures see dutch version. 

Have you questions of comments about these descendants? Ask your question to our advisor Frits Vergouwen (son of Sophia Adriana (Fie) Boot) through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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