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I William Booth is born in Belper, Derbyshire, Groot-Brittannië. William married on 01-10-1715 with Mary Melbourne.

Child of William and Mary:

1 William Booth, born in 1722 in Belper, Derbyshire, Groot-Brittannië. Follow II.

II William Booth is born in 1722 in Belper, Derbyshire, Groot-Brittannië, son of William Booth and Mary Melbourne. He was baptized in 1744. He was buried on 31-12-1777. William:
(1) married, 19 years old, on 25-02-1741 with Elizabeth Gregory.
(2) married, 27 years old, on 23-07-1749 with Anna N.N.

Children of William and Elizabeth:

1 Elizabeth Booth, born on 02-01-1742.
2 Martha Booth, born in 1746 in Duffield, Derbyshire, Groot-Brittannië.

Children of William and Anna:

1 John Booth, born before 1750.
2 Anna Booth, born on 19-08-1750 in Duffield, Derbyshire, Groot-Brittannië.
3 Edith Booth, born on 01-08-1771. Follow III-a.
4 Samuel Booth. Follow III-b.
5 Abraham Booth, born on 24-11-1776 in Belper, Derbyshire, Groot-Brittannië.

III-a Edith Booth is born on 01-08-1771, daughter of William Booth and Anna N.N. Edith married with John Middleton.

III-b Samuel Booth, son of William Booth and Anna N.N.. He was baptized on 06-01-1775 in Belper, Derbyshire, Groot-Brittannië. Samuel is deceased in 1843. Occupation: aannemer, spijkermaker. Samuel:
(1) married with Sara Lockitt. Sara is deceased on 13-01-1819.
(2) married in 1820 with Mary Moss, 26 years old. Mary is born in 1794. Mary is deceased on 13-01-1875, 81 years old. Note re Mary: dochter van Joseph Moss.

Child of Samuel and Sara:

1 William Booth, born in 1799. William is deceased in 1824, 25 years old.

Children of Samuel and Mary:

1 Emma Booth, born after 1820.
2 Henry Booth, born after 1821.
3 Anna Booth, born after 1822.
4 William Booth, born on 10-04-1829 in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, Groot-Brittannië. Follow IV.
5 Marry Newell Booth, born on 16-09-1832. Marry Newell is deceased on 08-03-1902, 69 years old. Occupation: soldier in The Salvation Army.

IV William Booth is born on 10-04-1829 in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, Groot-Brittannië, son of Samuel Booth and Mary Moss. He was baptized on 12-04-1829 in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, Groot-Brittannië in the Sneinton Church. Born in the house: 12 Notintone Place, a red-brick terrace house at Sneinton, Nottingham, now the William Booth museum. The official christening invitation read: "William, son of Samuel Booth, Nottintone Place, gentleman, and Mary his wife. Ceremony performed by George Wilkins, D.D., Perpetual Curate, Vicar of St. Mary's; baptized 12th April, 1829." William is deceased on 20-08-1912, 83 years old. Occupation: humanitarian, evangelist, founder and 1st General (1878-1912) of The Salvation Army. William married with Catherine Mumford. The religious wedding was celebrated on 16-06-1855 in Londen, Engeland. in de Congregational Church. Catherine is born on 17-01-1829 in Ashbourne, Derbyshire, Groot Brittannië. Catherine is deceased on 04-10-1890, 61 years old. Note re Catherine: daughter of John Mumford and Sarah Milward.

Children of William and Catherine:

1 William Bramwell Booth, born on 08-03-1856 in Halifax, Yorkshire, Groot-Brittannië. Follow V-a.
2 Ballington Booth, born on 28-07-1857. Follow V-b.
3 Catherine Booth, born on 18-09-1859. Follow V-c.
4 Emma Moss Booth, born on 08-01-1860. Follow V-d.
5 Herbert Henry Howard Booth, born on 26-08-1862. Follow V-e.
6 Marian Billups Booth, born on 04-05-1864. Marian Billups is deceased on 05-01-1937, 72 years old. Function: Captain.
7 Evangeline Cory Booth, born on 25-12-1865 in South Hackhey, Londen, Groot-Brittannië. Evangeline Cory is deceased on 17-07-1950 in New York, U.S.A., 84 years old. Function: Commander (the first female General).
8 Lucy Millward Booth, born on 28-04-1868. Follow V-f.

V-a William Bramwell Booth is born on 08-03-1856 in Halifax, Yorkshire, Groot-Brittannië, son of William Booth and Catherine Mumford. William Bramwell is deceased on 16-06-1929, 73 years old. Occupation: arts. Function: Chief of Staff. Title: dr..William Bramwell married, 26 years old, on 12-10-1882 with Florence Eleanor Soper, 21 years old. Florence Eleanor is born on 12-09-1861 in Blaina, South Wales, Groot-Brittannië. Florence Eleanor is deceased on 10-06-1957, 95 years old. Note re Florence Eleanor: daughter of Isobel Soper and Jenny Levick.

Children of William Bramwell and Florence Eleanor:

1 Catherine Bramwell Booth.
2 Mary Booth.
3 Florence Miriam Booth.
4 Bramwell Bernard Booth.
5 Olive E. Booth.
6 Dora Booth.
7 William Wycliffe Booth.

V-b Ballington Booth is born on 28-07-1857, son of William Booth and Catherine Mumford. Ballington is deceased on 05-10-1940, 83 years old. Function: Marshall (mede-oprichter van Americas Salvation Army in 1896). Ballington married, 29 years old, on 17-09-1886 with Maud Charlesworth, 21 years old. Maud is born on 13-09-1865. Maud is deceased on 26-08-1948, 82 years old.

Children of Ballington and Maud:

1 Ballington Booth.
2 Theodora Myrtle Booth.
3 Charles Brandon Booth.

V-c Catherine Booth is born on 18-09-1859, daughter of William Booth and Catherine Mumford. Catherine is deceased on 09-05-1955, 95 years old. She was buried on 13-10-1955 in Londen, Engeland. Function: La Maréchale. Catherine married, 27 years old, on 18-02-1887 with Arthur Sydney Clibborn, 32 years old. Arthur Sydney is born in 1855 in Ierland. Arthur Sydney is deceased on 20-02-1939, 84 years old.

Children of Catherine and Arthur Sydney:

1 Catherine Evangeline Clibborn.
2 Victoria Clibborn.
3 Herbert S. Clibborn.
4 Arthur A. Clibborn.
5 William Emmanuel Clibborn.
6 John Eric Clibborn.
7 Freda Lucy Clibborn.
8 Evelyn B. Clibborn.
9 Theodore P. Clibborn.
10 Josephine Clibborn.

V-d Emma Moss Booth is born on 08-01-1860, daughter of William Booth and Catherine Mumford. Emma Moss is deceased on 28-10-1903 in Colorado, U.S.A., 43 years old (cause: train crash). Emma Moss married, 28 years old, on 10-04-1888 with Frederick Tucker, 35 years old. Frederick is born on 21-03-1853 in Monghyr, India. Frederick is deceased on 17-07-1929, 76 years old. Function: the Consul/Rahiman. Note re Frederick: zoon van William Thornhill Tucker.

Children of Emma Moss and Frederick:

1 Frederick Tucker.
2 Catherine Motee Tucker.
3 Lucy Tucker.
4 Tancred Tucker.
5 Herbert Tucker.
6 John Tucker.
7 Muriël Tucker.
8 William Tucker.
9 Evangeline Tucker.

V-e Herbert Henry Howard Booth is born on 26-08-1862, son of William Booth and Catherine Mumford. Herbert Henry Howard is deceased on 25-09-1926, 64 years old. Function: Commandant. Herbert Henry Howard:
(1) married, 28 years old, on 18-09-1890 with Cornelie Schoch, 26 years old. Cornelie is born in 1864. Cornelie is deceased in 1916, 52 years old.
(2) married, 61 years old, on 26-11-1923 with Annie Ethel Lane.  

Children of Herbert Henry Howard and Cornelie:

1 Victor Booth.
2 Ferdinand Booth.
3 Henry Booth.

V-f Lucy Millward Booth is born on 28-04-1868, daughter of William Booth and Catherine Mumford. Lucy Millward is deceased on 18-07-1953, 85 years old. Lucy Millward married, 26 years old, on 18-10-1894 with Emanuel Daniël Hellberg. Occupation: colonel in the Swedish army.

Children of Lucy Millward and Emanuel Daniël:

1 Emma Hellberg.
2 Eva Hellberg.
3 Lucy Hellberg.
4 Daniël Hellberg.
5 Ebba Mary Hellberg.


Index (74 persons)


Last name First name Born
Booth Abraham 1776 [Son of II]
Booth Anna 1750 [Daughter of II]
Booth Anna 1822 [Daughter of III-b]
Booth Ballington [Son of V-b]
Booth Ballington 1857 1940 Number V-b
Booth Bramwell Bernard [Son of V-a]
Booth Catherine 1859 1955 Number V-c
Booth Catherine Bramwell [Daughter of V-a]
Booth Charles Brandon [Son of V-b]
Booth Dora [Daughter of V-a]
Booth Edith 1771 Number III-a
Booth Elizabeth 1742 [Daughter of II]
Booth Emma 1820 [Daughter of III-b]
Booth Emma Moss 1860 1903 Number V-d
Booth Evangeline Cory 1865 1950 [Daughter of IV]
Booth Ferdinand [Son of V-e]
Booth Florence Miriam [Daughter of V-a]
Booth Henry [Son of V-e]
Booth Henry 1821 [Son of III-b]
Booth Herbert Henry Howard 1862 1926 Number V-e
Booth John 1750 [Son of II]
Booth Lucy Millward 1868 1953 Number V-f
Booth Marian Billups 1864 1937 [Daughter of IV]
Booth Marry Newell 1832 1902 [Daughter of III-b]
Booth Martha 1746 [Daughter of II]
Booth Mary [Daughter of V-a]
Booth Olive E. [Daughter of V-a]
Booth Samuel 1775 1843 Number III-b
Booth Theodora Myrtle [Daughter of V-b]
Booth Victor [Son of V-e]
Booth William Number I
Booth William 1722 1777 Number II
Booth William 1799 1824 [Son of III-b]
Booth William 1829 1912 Number IV
Booth William Bramwell 1856 1929 Number V-a
Booth William Wycliffe [Son of V-a]
Charlesworth Maud 1865 1948 [Partner of V-b]
Clibborn Arthur A. [Son of V-c]
Clibborn Arthur Sydney 1855 1939 [Partner of V-c]
Clibborn Catherine Evangeline [Daughter of V-c]
Clibborn Evelyn B. [Daughter of V-c]
Clibborn Freda Lucy [Daughter of V-c]
Clibborn Herbert S. [Son of V-c]
Clibborn John Eric [Son of V-c]
Clibborn Josephine [Daughter of V-c]
Clibborn Theodore P. [Son of V-c]
Clibborn Victoria [Daughter of V-c]
Clibborn William Emmanuel [Son of V-c]
Gregory Elizabeth [Partner of II]
Hellberg Daniël [Son of V-f]
Hellberg Ebba Mary [Daughter of V-f]
Hellberg Emanuel Daniël [Partner of V-f]
Hellberg Emma [Daughter of V-f]
Hellberg Eva [Daughter of V-f]
Hellberg Lucy [Daughter of V-f]
Lane Annie Ethel [Partner of V-e]
Lockitt Sara 1819 [Partner of III-b]
Melbourne Mary [Partner of I]
Middleton John [Partner of III-a]
Moss Mary 1794 1875 [Partner of III-b]
Mumford Catherine 1829 1890 [Partner of IV]
N.N. Anna [Partner of II]
Schoch Cornelie 1864 1916 [Partner of V-e]
Soper Florence Eleanor 1861 1957 [Partner of V-a]
Tucker Catherine Motee [Daughter of V-d]
Tucker Evangeline [Daughter of V-d]
Tucker Frederick [Son of V-d]
Tucker Frederick 1853 1929 [Partner of V-d]
Tucker Herbert [Son of V-d]
Tucker John [Son of V-d]
Tucker Lucy [Daughter of V-d]
Tucker Muriël [Daughter of V-d]
Tucker Tancred [Son of V-d]
Tucker William [Son of V-d]

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